1 man. 6 countries. 15 professions. 1000 stories to tell!

1 man. 6 countries. 15 professions. 1000 stories to tell!

1 man. 6 countries. 15 professions. 1000 stories to tell!1 man. 6 countries. 15 professions. 1000 stories to tell!

An American in India


An American  teen travels to India to study dentistry. What follows are the most hilarious and eye-opening experiences of his life! Based on a  98% true story and 2% made-up s#!t! 

Masturbation is genocide, I say!


The true story of how I learnt to play with myself while in boarding school in India, and the effect it had on me, my school nurse, mother and my hopelessly strict and conservative father. 

Concierge of the Continents


Nathan becomes a concierge at a condo in Toronto, one of the world's most multicultural cities, and comes to realise that life in the building isn't as peachy as it is made out to be.

Story of a Baldy


When I was 28, I shaved my head to look cool. Big mistake. In India, you do so only for specific cultural and religious reasons. The backlash from friends, family & society was unbelievable! 

100 reasons why Dubai sucks!


Contrary to what a lot of ignoramuses may tell you, this book tells you the real truth about the world's most  wannabe, fake, plastic, artificial, lifeless and depressing city - Dubai.

Mall Security


Ragu becomes a mall cop in one of the dingiest malls  in Toronto, the Galleria Mall.  Life isn't easy dealing with the homeless, crack  &heroin addicts, shoplifters, irate shoppers & more!

How to get laid in India


An astrologer tells superstitious Ravi that if he doesn't lose his 'purity' in a fortnight, he will suffer a painful death. Aghast, he seeks the help of his best friends to get laid for the first time.

Brown Guy, White Town


When Rohit is transferred to a small Canadian town to work as a security guard, he notices that life there is very different from the big,  bustling and  multicultural city of Toronto.

Boarding School Diary


 Ever wonder what life is like in a posh boarding school in India? This is the true story of three 8th graders at Good Shepherd Public School, one of India's most prominent educational institutions. 

A Virgin comes to Canada


Jeevan is a brand new immigrant in Canada and a virgin. Born & raised in conservative India, he has never dated or had a girlfriend. Then he meets horny Linda, and his life changes.

Fair skin in 5 minutes!


A lot of Indians are obsessed with fair/white skin. This is the story of Bhupal, a dark-skinned fellow who disliked his skin and tried everything to get fair, including eating raw river fish!

Krazy in Kuwait


Jay lands a job in  Kuwait , a tiny country located in the Middle-East. This is a hilarious account of the local traditions & life in the oil-rich nation, which almost drive him 'krazy'!