1 man. 6 countries. 15 professions. 1000 stories to tell!

1 man. 6 countries. 15 professions. 1000 stories to tell!

1 man. 6 countries. 15 professions. 1000 stories to tell!1 man. 6 countries. 15 professions. 1000 stories to tell!

The true story of Gopee Galaata:

I am a dental surgeon by education but quit my practice in India to become a cartoonist. Really got sick of cleaning & plucking teeth. My father almost had a heart attack, stroke & nervous breakdown all at once. "Useless fellow! I spent so much money on your education & now you throw it all away?!" he barked at me. I said, "It's my life, right? I can do what I want, no?". He became furious. "No! You do what I want you to do. You will resume your practice, marry a wife I pick for you & have exactly three children!" he screamed at me. I laughed out loudly. My mother cried even louder. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! You won' make any money as a cartoonist! You will end up on the streets! What will you eat??"

Despite much opposition from my family & friends, I stuck to my decision & lived in a slum in India as a starving cartoonist while selling my cartoons for less than $2 to several newspapers. After five years of struggle and losing 10 lb., a newspaper 'found me'. It carried an ad that said 'CARTOONIST WANTED IN KUWAIT'. I applied for & landed the job without any glitches. In less than a fortnight, I went from earning less than $100 a month to over $2000 a month (tax free too. Kuwait has no taxes). True rags to riches story. The point I am trying to make? Stick to your fucking dreams and passions. Do what you love. The universe notices and will conspire to make all your dreams become a reality. Follow your bliss. Listen to your heart. Do what makes you happy. 

I am Canadian now. I noticed a stark difference in culture between the east and the west after moving here, so I began observing, researching and writing comic books on white people, their history, culture, idiosyncrasies & what makes them tick. Why? I grew up in 7 non-white countries before moving to Canada (South Asia, Africa, Middle-East). Like most people, I had a somewhat negative opinion of white people because of European colonisation, Nazi Germany, slavery, etc. Not to mention the fact that my grandfather was a wanted man in India for being a freedom fighter in the 1940s; the British attempted to capture him but failed. Also, my father drilled into me that 'white people had no culture' and my mother convinced that all white women 'suffered from promiscuity and AIDS'! 

After moving to Canada in 2011, my perspective towards the west changed completely. I came to realise that white folk in general were the most accepting, open-minded & liberal people I ever met & that people's negative attitudes towards them were based on outdated ideas & sheer ignorance (most people in my past never even met a white person!), and that bad people are found everywhere, regardless of skin colour, race & nationality. After my mostly positive experiences in the west (much better than any I experienced in all the countries I lived in) and finding true love in a white woman, I decided to write comics on white folk to try and change people's negative attitudes about them, portray them in a positive light & dispel the many myths & misconceptions about them. I am currently working on comics on Hispanic, Jewish, oriental, brown & all kinds of people. Just doing my bit to bring about universal brotherhood and sisterhood on our planet. In the end, 'All is One', after all.

I also write short novels based on my life experiences. I have lived in 6 countries, worked 15 professions and have a 1000 stories to tell!